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services that changes the

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At Instant Pickup, we provide eco-friendly vans.

Together, we can make our cities liveable

Together, we can make our

cities liveable. Here's our


We minimize traffic

We plan to minimize traffic by being the only removal service that offers removal moving bundles for single and small items with passengers who have a similar intention.

We help you better breathe

We are the first online platform to come up with a fleet of electric, hydrogen, and CPG vans, with which we aim to combat the pollution caused by diesel vans.

We keep noises down

Instant pickup is the only removal company in the United Kingdom tackling noise pollution, as more than 100 million people are exposed to annoying traffic everyday

We offer comfortable removal

services that cost less!.

We archieve our slogan of "Pay less but move Green" by taking advantage of our vans which are not charged for congestion and...

We encourage re-usability

We offer free useable bags and this replaces the use of single use plastic mattress cover, sofa covers as the most effective way to reduce waste is to not create it in the first place. Making a new product requires a lot...

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About Us

Instant Pickup is the first online platform that connects drivers of sustainable vans (who we refer to as partners) to people who need their services, using a simplified quatation process. Currently in the UK over 1.1 million residential property transactions take place annually but they are unable to find any online platforms where they can get access to eco- friendly removal vans.


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